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61 IPOs raised Rs 52,759 crore in just 7 months this year as against Rs 31060 crore last year


IPO Market: The financial year 2021-22 has been very good for the IPO market. And this confirms this figure given by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman in Parliament. According to the Finance Minister, in the financial year 2021-22 till October, 61 companies have raised Rs 52,759 crore through IPO. That is, only between April and October, Rs 52,759 crore was raised through IPO. Whereas in the entire period of the last financial year 2020-21, only Rs 31060 crore was raised through 56 IPOs.

The Finance Minister told the Parliament that till October, 34 of the IPOs that came in the market were of companies in the MSME sector. The Finance Minister said that in the current financial year, there have been 35 IPOs of less than Rs 100 crore, four in the range of Rs 100-500 crore and 22 IPOs of Rs 500 crore or more. According to Nirmala Sitharaman, the maximum 10 IPOs coming this year have been from the health sector and six from the cement and construction sector.

November was great too

However, let us tell you that after the month of October, in the big IPO market in November, in which the biggest IPO of Paytm, Rs. Obviously, 2021-22 is going to be great in terms of IPO because the biggest IPO of LIC is also going to come in this financial year.

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