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Banks will be closed for 4 consecutive days in many cities next week, settle your important work immediately


Bank Strike News: Next week, if you also have any work related to the bank or if you are planning to go to the bank, then this is important news for you. In the coming week, the bank will be closed for 4 consecutive days, so in such a situation, you should plan your work by looking at the list of holidays, so that you do not have any problem.

Strike will be held on 16th and 17th December
Let us tell you that the government bank employees of the country will go on strike on December 16 and 17, due to which there will be no work in the banks on these two days. Information about this has been given by the United Forum of Bank Unions (UFBU). The United Forum of Bank Unions (UFBU) has announced a strike to protest the ongoing preparations for the privatization of the government. There are 9 unions of banks under UFBU.

Which day will be a holiday-

  • 12 December – Sunday (weekly holiday)
  • 16 December – Bank strike
  • 17 December – Bank strike
  • 18 December – Death Anniversary of You So So Tham (Banks closed in Shillong)
  • 19 December – Sunday (weekly holiday)

Bank holidays in the coming days-

  • December 24 – Christmas Festival (banks closed in Aizawl)
  • 25 December – Christmas (banks closed at all places except Bengaluru and Bhubaneswar) Saturday, (fourth Saturday of the month)
  • 26 December – Sunday (weekly holiday)
  • 27 December – Christmas celebration (banks closed in Aizawl)
  • 30 December – Yu Kiang Nangbah (banks closed in Shillong)
  • 31st December – New Years Evening (Banks closed in Aizawl)

You can check the list of holidays here
You can also visit the official link of Reserve Bank of India for more information about bank holidays. Here you will get information about bank holidays of every state every month.

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