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Can an old coin make you a millionaire? this is the way


Old Coin Value: Often we read such news in which it is said that if you have kept any old coin then it can make you a millionaire or millionaire. On hearing this, perhaps you too would have immediately started looking at the very old coins and notes kept in your house. But let us tell you that not only does every old coin make you rich, but sometimes their value turns out to be much more than your estimates.

We are telling you that for what kind of coins, lovers of old coins are ready to pay a high price. According to the news, in June this year, a coin was covered in the news of the whole world. Actually this coin was sold in an auction for about 20 million dollars.

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The double eagle, which sold for $ 20 million, was the last gold coin officially issued in America, which was issued in 1933. Before coming into circulation, the government decided against their public use and all these coins were withdrawn.

However, some coins survived, whose value today is in crores. Investors are more curious about a coin or note that can be displayed as evidence of a major change. Or they can be associated with some event or change. Not only this, their number should be very less in the world.

rare note or coin

During an auction, the price of a 20 dollar note had reached more than 57 thousand dollars. Actually, during printing, a sticker had fallen on the paper by mistake and that too got printed along with the rest of the things on the note. Later a student got that note from an ATM.

Notes with such mistake during printing are called obstructed error notes. These notes are rare because in case of mistake, that note or coin is destroyed. Still, if ever such coins and notes come into circulation due to some mistake, then they become valuable. The value of such notes is decided on the basis of how big the mistake is.

rare coin associated with a special person

People are ready to pay a high price even for the 1 rupee note printed in 1933 under the signature of Governor JW Kelly and the 10 rupee note issued in 1943 by CD Deshmukh. Signatures of officials made for a very short time or coins issued by the king who have done some important work in the future, they can come in the category of precious and rare.

most important thing

The price of rare coins is directly dependent on the demand and supply. Also, it depends on many things like the law of the country, rarity of coins, condition of coins and notes. All countries including India also impose restrictions on the sale of scarce goods. Every country had a fixed definition of scarce goods. Serious investors pay attention to all these things. However, it is not at all that your old coins will not be of any use. If you also feel that you have a rare coin or note, then first get it checked by a knowledgeable of the history of any coins and take their opinion about the future.



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