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CM Arvindra Kejriwal Says Situaion is under control No Lockdown In Delhi.

Delhi reported 20,181 yesterday – an rise of 16 per cent. Every day new cases are creeping closer to the single-day record of 26,169 set on April 23, during the high of the 2 wave.

New Delhi: CM Kejriwal says there will be no Covid lockdown in Delhi if people follow covid rules ,wear face masks in public places use sanitizers and maintain social distancing. As the delhi struggle to control the cases over the past few days.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal addressed media for the first time after getting recovered from coronavirus on Sunday.

“No need to panic… be responsible. We don’t want to enforce a lockdown right now… we want to keep curbs as limited as possible, so the common man is not affected. Tomorrow there is a DDMA (Delhi Disaster Management Agency) meeting, and we will review the situation again,” CM said.

Today’s message was a repeat of what Mr Kejriwal said last week, when he said Covid cases were increasing rapidly in the city but there was no need to panic.

The CM urged people to get vaccinated as soon as possible.

CM Kejriwal order that he had recovered after a Covid infection picked up while campaigning for next month’s Uttarakhand election. I am back at your service after recovering from Corona,” he said, adding that he had self-isolated at home after having a two-day fever.

CM Kejriwal’s entreaties come as Delhi is expected to report around 22,000 Covid cases today.

The new wave of infections is partly fueled by the Omicron variant, which is more infectious than the Delta strain. It leads to milder symptoms, but doctors have warned against underestimating it.

Delhi has reported 513 Omicron Covid cases so far (second only to Maharashtra).

Authority say the milder symptoms produced can be balance by the total number of cases that will be reported, which could put excessive pressure on healthcare basic structure.


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