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Google employees got a gift, the company is getting ‘double benefit’


Google News: Tech giant search engine company Google (Google) has announced an additional bonus for its employees around the world. According to this information received from Reuters, it is reported that all the employees of Google around the world will get an additional bonus of 1600 US dollars i.e. 1.21 lakh rupees. During the Corona period, Google employees provided services fiercely and now the company has rewarded them as an extra bonus.

Apart from Google’s employees, interns will also get bonus
Google employees are getting this as an additional bonus. This bonus is in addition to Google’s work from home allowance and wellbeing bonus. This was given by the company to support its employees during the Corona epidemic. Google is giving this bonus to the company’s employees as well as the company’s extended workforce and interns. This will be a lump sum amount which will be received by Google employees this month. That is, even before the new year, Google employees are getting a chance to celebrate.

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How long will work from home last?
Google has postponed the plan to work from offices again with the work from home model adopted due to the Kovid-19 epidemic, but despite this, the company’s bonus to its employees shows that the company is a concern for them. During the Corona epidemic, Google CEO Sundar Pichai mentioned in many virtual programs that the company’s employees worked hard even during the epidemic and did not let their work force decrease.

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