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Hyundai is going to do this big work for relief from expensive petrol and diesel, know what is special?


Hyundai Motors Mass Market: Vehicle manufacturer Hyundai Motors India is developing its first EV mass market in India. It will hit the Indian roads in the coming 3 years. Let us tell you that at this time the focus of the company is to increase its presence in the segment of electric vehicles. Along with this, many new electric vehicles are going to hit the Indian market in the coming years.

Launched ‘Beyond Mobility’ campaign
Recently, the carmaker has launched its ‘Beyond Mobility’ campaign, showcasing zero emission products like the Hyundai Nexo. The focus of this campaign is on technology and sustainability to see what Hyundai plans to innovate in the coming years.

Will focus on SUV segment
Let us tell you that the mass market of the first electric vehicle will be in the SUV segment. Car maker company is investing in these mass market. Car makers in India are growing by investing in electric vehicles on a large scale. Along with this, we are planning to launch a good range in it.

Government’s help will be needed
Currently, Hyundai has the Kona EV, but we are planning to add a few more products first in the premium space and then in the mass market EV. The company has said that we will launch EV vehicles in the mass market. At present too there are many cars of EV category in the market. In view of the rising fuel prices across the country, companies and drivers are adopting EVs and it will see more speed in the coming days, companies believe that people need government’s help to move ahead in this sector. Will be.

may take 2 years
Let us tell you that in the coming time, a huge market of Electric Vehicle (EV) is going to be created in the country. Through this an opportunity will open for investment in the market, which will save fuel as well as provide employment opportunities to the people. However, for a large EV market, one may still have to wait at least 2 years.

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