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If you are also getting high returns then be careful, RBI governor said this big thing…!


RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das: Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Governor Shaktikanta Das has cautioned investors that they need to be cautious in the quest to get high returns, so that they do not lose money. Apart from this, it is also necessary to take complete information before investing money.

Higher returns carry more risk
Addressing the program ‘Depositor First Guaranteed Time-bound Deposit Insurance Payment of Rs 5 lakh’, Shaktikanta Das said on Sunday that with higher returns or higher interest comes more risk. “In such a situation, investors need to be careful with their desire to get higher returns,” Das said.

Beware of high interest banks
The RBI governor said, “If a bank is offering a higher rate of interest, then the depositors themselves should be more careful before putting their money.” He said that some of the higher interest rate offers are also viable, but Even there the depositors will have to show alertness.

strengthen the banking system
Das said that the RBI is committed to keep the banking system strong and belligerent, but this work has to be done together. “It is the responsibility of all the stakeholders involved in the banking system, be it the bank management, audit committee, risk management committee or any regulatory authority,” he said.

Know what RBI Governor said
The Reserve Bank Governor said that payment of insurance of deposits should be the last resort in this direction. “RBI has been following a strategy of strengthening regulatory directives to strengthen monitoring practices. This will ensure that the banks continue to operate in a very flexible manner going forward.

On this occasion, Das, referring to his statement at the time of the monetary policy review, said, “The country has shown cooperation in times of pandemic and now the time has come that India can become the growth driver of the world economy.” He said that this would be possible only with the working together of all the parties involved in the banking system.

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