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India’s pride train will run to promote the country’s glorious history and tourism, know full details


Bharat Gaurav Train: There is no dearth of tourist places in India. There are many places which have been witness to the glorious history of India. In order to promote tourism at such places, Indian Railways has decided to run Bharat Gaurav train. Although Bharat Gaurav trains will not run by the railways itself, but private companies will be responsible for it. Bharat Gaurav trains will tell the tradition and culture of India.

According to the policy of Bharat Gaurav Train, any private operator or service provider or anyone like IRCTC can also lease trains from Indian Railways to run Bharat Gaurav train on theme-based circuits as a special tourism package. Route, halt, services to be provided to the operator and, most importantly, what will be the fare of these trains will be decided by the operator of the train but the railways will keep an eye on it so that the passengers are not charged arbitrary fare for the fare. It is believed that this initiative of railways will create new employment opportunities in the field of tourism in the country.

What will be the facility in ‘Bharat Gaurav’ train

Railways has allocated 190 such trains which will be run for tourism purpose. These trains will not be regular but will run according to their fixed time table. Railways has identified 3033 coaches for these trains. Railways has earmarked ICF coaches for the operation of these trains but Vande Bharat, Vista Dome, and LHB coaches will also be added in future. Let us tell you that IRCTC currently operates theme based tourist trains like Ramayana Express which takes devotees to religious places associated with Lord Rama. The trains run under Bharat Gaurav will run under package tour in which the operator will have the responsibility of taking the tourist from hotel accommodation to local tourist places.

Anyone can drive Bharat Gaurav Train

Any person, trust, tour operator and state governments can also apply for the operation of these trains. The state governments of Odisha, Rajasthan, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu have also expressed their willingness to operate trains.

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