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Know which stock listed on the stock exchange after October gave great returns to investors, what


IPO Listing Status: 2021 has been a great year for the companies bringing IPO in the Indian stock market. However, from the start of the festive season in October to the second week of December, many IPOs came in the market. Some of which have given great returns. There are some companies whose share price has jumped more than 300 percent. At the same time, there are companies like Paytm which brought the biggest IPO in the country’s IPO history, but investors are facing huge losses on investing in it. 

Sour sweet experiences of investors


Today since October 1, let’s look at those IPOs listed in the stock market, which have given excellent returns to investors, then we will also talk about some such IPOs in which investors are losing. Below are the names of five companies that have given excellent returns to their investors. In this, Paras Defense is in the first place which has given a return of 315 percent. Latency View has given 217 per cent and Nykaa, which has created a stir in the IPO market, has given a return of 86 per cent.  

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IPO with best returns >

  • company            Issue Price Current Price   Gain(%)
  • Paras Defense      175             727         315
  • Latent View            197              625         217
  • Sigachi Ind        163              431        164
  • Heroes             1125            2092          86
  • Tega Ind.             453              734          62


IPOs that trade below the issue price are the IPOs in the market that have left investors disappointed after investing. Paytm came up with the biggest IPO ever but the stock is trading below its issue price. Aditya Birla Group’s asset management company ABSL is also trading below its issue price. 

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Disappointing IPO

  •  company          Issue Price      Current Price   Gain(%)  
  • Paytm            2150              1556          -28
  • ABSL         712                589          -17
  • Fino Payment         577                409          -29
  • ljs            542                421          -23
  • Tarson Prof.         662                 633          -4

There are some IPOs in the market with which big names were associated but those investing in these IPOs made marginal gains or are trading around their issue price.&nbsp ;

Performing IPO 

  • Company            Issue Price    Current Price   Gain(%)
  • Policy Market   980             1082            10
  • Star Health          900               900             0 



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