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On Makar Sakranti,AYUSH Ministry to hold Surya Namaskar event .

The AYUSH Ministry is organising a Surya Namaskar demonstration programme for 75 lakh people globally on the programme of Makar Sankranti, which falls on Jan 14. There will also taking part from other ministries of the government.

According to an AYUSH Ministry statement, Surya Namaskar is offered as a salutation to the Sun on this day to show gratitude for the sun’s rays that nurture all life. Surya Namaskar has been scientifically known to develop immunity and boost vitality, which is particularly important during the time of pandemic.

Union Minister of AYUSH Sarbananda Sonowal said: “Enhancing immunity level among people has become the need of the hour as COVID-19 cases are rising. The ministry point to encourage more and more people to perform Surya Namaskar that helps in strengthening not only the body, but also the mind.”

During the covid 19 pandemic period, the ministry will once again play a crucial role in popularizing yoga, ayurveda, homeopathy, siddha, naturopathy, and unani systems of medicine as a way to boost natural immunity in people, said Sonowal.

As noted by the ministry, direct exposure to the sun provides the human body with Vitamin D, which is widely recommended by so many medical branches around the world. Messages about climate change and global warming are also intended
to be conveyed during the mass Surya Namaskar demonstration, according to the statement.

In Surya Namaskar, eight postures are performed in 12 steps with coordination of the body and mind. The practice is best performed in the morning.


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