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Petrol Diesel Price Today 8 December 2021: Check new rates of petrol and diesel, know relief?


Petrol Diesel Price Today 8 December 2021: The new rates of petrol and diesel have been updated on Indian Oil Corporation and today for the 34th consecutive day, no change has been made in the price of petrol and diesel by the government oil companies. However, during this period, due to the reduction of Rs 8 on VAT by the Delhi government, petrol became cheaper in Delhi. The crude oil market is continuously increasing and within two days crude oil has gone above $ 75 per barrel. Due to this, the prices of petrol and diesel may increase in the coming time.

Petrol and diesel prices in major cities of the country
Petrol in Delhi is available at Rs 95.41 per liter while the rate of diesel is Rs 86.67 per liter. While in the country’s financial capital Mumbai, petrol is available at Rs 109.98 per liter and diesel at Rs 94.14 per liter. In Kolkata, petrol is being sold at Rs 104.67 and diesel at Rs 89.79 per liter.

Petrol in Tamil Nadu capital Chennai is being sold at Rs 101.4 and diesel at Rs 91.43 per liter and in NCR city of Noida, petrol is priced at Rs 95.51 and diesel at Rs 87.01 per liter. In Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh, the price of petrol is Rs 95.28 per liter and the price of diesel is Rs 86.80 per liter.

Keeping an eye on the price of crude
Crude oil prices are seeing a steady rise at this time and in two days of this week it has gone above $ 75 per barrel. Brent crude settled at a price of $ 75.44 per barrel in yesterday’s trade.

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