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Russia launched new military exercises over Ukraine tensions

On Tuesday Russia launched new military exercises near Ukraine and take over Crimea as it accused the United States of rising up tensions by putting several thousand of its own soldiers on alert.

The West has accused Moscow of rallying more than 100,000 soldiers at the Ukrainian border, and Russian soldiers trained in 2014 in the southern part of the Crimean Peninsula, where Moscow merged, and in the Crimean Peninsula, putting 6,000 soldiers. Said it started.

According to the ministry, the training contains fighters, anti-aircraft systems, bombers, and combat shooting exercises by the Black Sea and Caspian fleets.

The West has accused Russia of preparing for a potential invasion of pro-West Ukraine, and tensions with Moscow have reached levels not seen since the Cold War.

On Monday, After a long video call with European leaders, US President Joe Biden has a “perfect match” on how to deal with Russia, and officials warn again about the serious result of the Moscow invasion. did.

The Pentagon said it had set an army of 8,500 troops on standby for deployment in support of NATO, as long the alliance said it was sending ships and jets to bolster Eastern Europe’s defenses.

President Vladimir Put a spokesman Dmitry Peskov said the US move is already adding to the tension.


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