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Watch: UP Cops Thrash Man With Child In Arms, Claim “Light Force”


The police are seen thrashing the man with sticks as the child wails in his arms


  • Police are seen trying to yank the child out of the man’s arms.
  • Police then thrashed the man with sticks as the child wailed.
  • Senior police official Arun Kumar Singh agreed excessive force was used.


In a shocking incident of excessive force used by the police in Uttar Pradesh’s Kanpur Dehat, a policeman were filmed mercilessly hitting a man carrying a child in his arms with laathis on Thursday.

In a nearly one-minute-long clip, the cop – an inspector from the local police station is first seen thrashing the man with sticks. Later a second policeman is seen trying to violently yank the child out of the victim’s arms as the child wails.

The incident happened at the district hospital in Kanpur Dehat’s Akbarpur town on Thursday afternoon.

All through the distressing clip, the man can be heard pleading with the police not to hurt the child. ,Bachhe ko lag jayegi (The child will get hurt),” the man is heard saying as he tries to run away from the police. The cops chase him and a few of them try to forcefully pull the child away from him. The man holds on saying, “Iska maa bhi nahi hain (The child doesn’t have a mother).”

In a shocking statement that appeared to justify the behavior of the policemen , a senior police official in Kanpur Dehat said on record that ‘light force’ was used and that the police actually tried to protect the child

“A few people were spreading lawlessness in the area, shutting down the Out Patients’ Department (OPD) of the hospital and scaring the patients away,” Kanpur Dehat’s Additional Superintendent of Police Ghanshyam Chaurasia said in the statement

The man’s brother, the chief instigator , is an employee of the district hospital in Kanpur Dehat’s Akbarpur and a “regular nuisance maker” who bit the police inspector’s hand while the victim also obstructed the police, Mr Chaurasia added.

However, a second official in the area, Deputy Superintendent of Police Arun Kumar Singh earlier accepted that excessive force was used in an interview to NDTV.

After immense outrage over the incident and the police response, the Kanpur Dehat police twitter handle put out a written statement saying an enquiry had been ordered and removed the concerned police inspector had been from his post.



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